Haley Found Bohemian Décor for the Rig

Bohemian décor inspiration

Haley found Bohemian Décor for the Rig.

Haley found Bohemian décor for the rig.

We haven’t even found our rig yet.

I know exactly what we want.

Did you catch that?

As we walk into every RV lot, Husband looks at me and says, ‘Babe, you’re doing the talking.’

We want a tow-behind trailer rig (maximum weight 10,000 lbs) with rooms on opposite ends of the rig. One bedroom will be a bunkhouse-type setup with a bunk-over-couch opposite a bunk-over-storage with a door (not a sheet). The living area should include both a dinette and loveseat, fireplace desired. The master should include a king bed. We won’t buy a new, but we can buy it today.

I realize it is a tall order. I have been blown off by a few salespeople. I am not an easy sale or a high commission. So, in the meantime, I have been window shopping on Amazon. I am strongly pulled towards the Bohemian look but also fairy tale forest. This will get interesting!

Bohemian Fairy Tale Forest

Note: This is a wish list so I have not reviewed any of these products. 

Master Bedroom Décor Ideas

First, let’s start with the most important room which receives the least usage.

No matter which rig we buy, the bedroom is going to be small. Most folks know that to make the space feel as big as possible, the comforter should be light-colored or white. Bohemian styles demand several splashes of color and fairytale forests are made of purple, green, and brown hues. It’s all about the comforter and one or two small wall pieces. And remember, weight is an issue!

Boys Bunk Décor Ideas

Next, we will skip across the imaginary rig to our teen and tween boys’ room.

The same light-colored linens theory should also be applied for the boys’ bunk room. The boys are going to hibernate regardless of the decor, so I will try to make it as un-cave-like as possible.  They will be camping in our Bohemian Fairy Tale Forest.

Living Space Décor Ideas

Finally, the best and largest space to decorate – the living/kitchen room.

The living space is still very open to inspiration. Mostly because the color scheme of the rig when we buy it will determine what needs to be done to get it into shape. I am all about customizing the interior of the rig to my own unique style.

Some of the newer rigs have the white or lighter colored paint jobs but they usually all have the dark pleather sofas. It is important to bring in lots of different, natural textures through rugs, seats, and curtains.

The waiting is driving me crazy! I have always heard that the person that gets emotional first, loses. The purchase of this rig cannot be emotionally driven. Circumstances will force me to be patient as I have surgery in mid-November. If you want to read more about my little cancer story, I have chronicled some of it here: Yolk Sac Tumor, Age 38, Female.

At the same time, we are ready to ‘start small, start now.’ I have become a fan of Keep Your Daydream, the primary advocate for that philosophy. I have said that I want their job, or something very similar. I also want Josh Gates’ job but I doubt I would have the cajones to perform the tasks required by Expedition Unknown.

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By Haley Reggio Pederson