Colorado Springs Adventure Review

Colorado Springs Adventure Review

Colorado Springs Adventure Review

Colorado Springs is two hours away from where our home is currently parked so why would we take a day trip?

This is where Husband and I were remarried last year. We went to celebrate our joyous contract renewal – marital contract renewal. We had brunch at a wonderful little secret in Green Mountain Falls, toured the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center and gift shop, drove through the Garden of the Gods park, and finally toured the Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs. We ended our day at Texas Roadhouse where the youngest spawn got on a saddle.

Special Breakfast at The Pantry
Breakfast at The Pantry, Green Mountain Falls, Colorado
Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods Visitor Center

Breakfast in Green Mountain Falls

I have talked about these eggs benedict for a full year. 

The Pantry Review


First, it is always good to start an adventure with a meal. When I thought about where I wanted to eat on our first anniversary, I knew right off the bat that I wanted to have breakfast at The Pantry.  If you get the chance to visit The Pantry in the tiny mountain town of Green Mountain Falls, do!
It is an open-air veranda-style eatery covered in green foliage. The patio tables are all spaced wide and far and there is usually live music entertaining guests as they wait.
This meal was an adventure all on its own. We happened into town during the annual Bronc festival so there was a bit of a wait to be seated.
No problem! I was allowed to walk right up to the bar and order an Irish Coffee for myself, a Bloody Mary full of vegetables for Husband, and Mountain Dew for the youths. The rest of the meal was just as enjoyable. We left will full bellies and happy souls.
We spend about 45 minutes walking the town square. The Bronc Festival had vendors’ tents lining the walkway.

Garden of the Gods Visitor Center

& Gift Shop

Secondly,  we wanted to show the boys where we got married.

Garden of the Gods is a city park. About 2 decades ago, a private citizen brought the visitors center into existence. Now that center and gift shop completely support the park, maintenance, and upgrades.

It includes two paid exhibits about the jaw-dropping geological formations of the park as well as a few free educational exhibits. Its gift shop boasts a very large footprint and thousands of souvenirs, last-minute hiking supplies, and very tasty snacks.

Our visit would not be complete without a selfie in front of the dramatic red rocks stabbing the blue Colorado Sky. For us, it was a rare rainy day in ‘the Springs.’

Miramont Castle Museum Review

in Manitou Springs

Finally, I found this castle tucked up in the mountainside.

It was my first castle. It has been turned into a medley museum containing a strange assortment of collections including local fire department history and memorabilia as well as memorabilia from the Nuremberg trials.

I did enjoy the remnants of the original owners of the castle.

I would not recommend a family like mine go to this museum. It just wasn’t for a teen boy, a tween boy, and a grown man-child.

Colorado Springs Adventure Review

Overall Experience


Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to visit. You should plan for at least a week-long stay and book your tours and activities at least one month in advance.

Garden of the Gods park is open every day and free. Parking is an issue so if you plan on taking a hike, go very early. Go at dawn. If you just want to drive through, stopping occasionally to take pictures, go during the week.

Here are the activities we still want to go back to do with the kids. We did scope out a campground near Green Mountain Falls that looked very promising for a fall weekend getaway.

  • Pikes Peak Train Ride
  • Cliff Dwellings in Manitou Springs
  • Sunrise Hike in Garden of the Gods
  • Cave of the Winds
  • Royal Gorge

That is still too many activities for one weekend but we are close enough right now to take a couple of weekends there.

Do we recommend this activity for others?

There is something for everyone in the Colorado Springs area.

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for Colorado Springs

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