RV Tech Hero Recommends RV Digest-It

RV Tech Hero recommends RV Digest-it

RV Tech Hero recommends RV Digest-It

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Our rig came with a Poop Pyramid.

We tried everything to get rid of it.

We started with the stuff that the dealership gave us to treat our tanks when we bought our trailer.

We researched YouTube videos galore.

We tried the Bio-method with blue Dawn and Borax while we drive down the road.

Finally, the NRVTA produced a YouTube video about RV Digest-It.

In this video, Todd claims that RV Digest-It will dissolve one serving of solids in two hours.


But really, very interesting when you keep smelling the same stank over and over again!

Why not? We have tried everything else.

It worked.

Over the next month, our poop pyramid dissolved.

We have not seen any other RV Influencers speak about this brand.

RV Tech Hero recommends RV Digest-It.

The maker, Unique, has several other products available through Amazon. These products treat and dissolve waste in RVs and Boats.

Weekend Warrior Size

Full-Timers Size

Why should you listen to RV Tech Hero?

Brandon Pederson is RV Tech Hero LLC, a trained and Certified RV Technician from the National RV Training Academy. Brandon and his family began RV-ing in 2020 and made all the newbie mistakes. After gaining certification, he began diagnosing and repairing RVs on the road. He is now working full-time for a large, corporate dealership to gain experience.

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By Haley Reggio Pederson

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