RV Influencers – Who is Keep Your Daydream?

Who is Keep Your Daydream?

RV Influencers – Who is Keep Your Daydream?

RV Influencers – Who is Keep Your Daydream?  Marc and Tricia Leach share their stories of RV adventures with a passion for inspiring others to live their lives and start making things happen. If you are looking for an escape from your routine life but aren’t sure where to start, KYD vlog is packed with inspiration on ditching those perfect dreams and taking the first step towards living out your adventure!

Keep Your Daydream are RV Influencers

History of Keep Your Daydream

This RV Influencer power couple started their full-time journey in 2016 and with an infamous flat tire. However, the tire and all of the other obstacles they encountered didn’t stop them. Their 6-month trip has continued for almost six years at this point. One of the most admirable attributes of this channel is the family’s infectious positivity and relatability. 

Viewers have the enjoyable opportunity to watch not only the Leach children grow up but also Marc and Trish. You see everyone’s skills develop in RV life and filming, editing, music, and even merchandising. As a bonus, they share their knowledge with us. 

What are they doing today?

Marc and Tricia do not allow grass to grow under their feet and are involved in many different ventures. Besides the YouTube channel, which faithfully releases a video every Sunday at 7PM central, they have an Amazon Store, KYD merchandise, blog, podcast, and even a cookbook by Tricia. In addition, there is a ‘Grow your YouTube Channel’ digital course and a free Towing Fundamentals course with E3 Camping by Marc. 

You can score discounts by checking out the companies that the Leaches have chosen to partner with: Viar, All Stays, Harvest Hosts, Traveling Mailbox, Wholesale Warranties, WeBoost, and Zamp Solar.

Where can you connect with these RV Influencers?









This YouTube channel was the first ‘live full-time in your RV’ channel I discovered. You can say that Keep Your Daydream is directly responsible for not only our family’s travels but also this entire website.

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By Haley Reggio Pederson