RV Miles Announces Meetup November

RV Influencer RV Miles announces get together

RV Miles announces a meetup for November in Mesa Verde, AZ.

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RV Miles announces a meetup in early November in Mesa Verde, Arizona.

Thank goodness it is in November!

They glaze over the mention of the meetup on last week’s podcast but confirmed this week that it will be at Verde Ranch RV Resort near Sedona.

The dates are still ambiguous but Abby and Jason promise to release the information in their mailing list as soon as it is available.

Since most RVers are ‘chasing 70’, I looked up the average temperature in Mesa Verde in November. The average high is 48 degrees and the average low is 25 degrees with 4 days of rain.

Pack for cold and dry folks!

For this RV Influencer News, we recommend the following items:

Cold Weather Camping Gear!

“I wish we could go to this meetup. I like cooler weather and have enjoyed every visit to Arizona that I have taken. It will be cold. I am enjoying the cooler temperatures right now. ” – Haley Reggio Pederson

Ped Trek wishes RV Miles the best of luck during the planning process.

Propane Tank Blanket

Propane tanks don’t really like weather below 50 degrees. You can wrap them with a standard blanket. You can also buy one of these gadgets.

Heated Water Hose

If you know the nights will drop below freezing, you can disconnect the water at the source. If your days might be below freezing, invest in a heated water hose so that you can have water on demand.

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By Haley Reggio Pederson

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