RV Tech Hero Recommends Andersen Blocks

Andersen Blocks are recommended by RV Tech Hero

RV Tech Hero recommends Andersen Blocks.

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The Andersen Blocks Leveler Kit is an innovative, on-the-fly leveling system that gives you precision to level your camper or RV at any increment between 1/2″ and 4″, giving you a stable platform for all of your outdoor adventures!

No more stressful searching for the elusive leveling blocks when in trying to park your camper!

These have made campsite setup easier and faster.

Step One: Place leveling block in front or behind tires on side that needs to raise. 

Step Two: Back on to or pull forward on to the leveling block until that bubble lines up in the middle.

Step Three: Place the chock block to support or cradle the tire in the level position.


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Brandon Pederson is RV Tech Hero LLC, a trained and Certified RV Technician from the National RV Training Academy. Brandon and his family began RV-ing in 2020 and made all the newbie mistakes. After gaining certification, he began diagnosing and repairing RVs on the road. He is now working full-time for a large, corporate dealership to gain experience.

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