RV Tech Hero Recommends Zero G Water Hose

Find out why RV Tech Hero recommends Zero G Water Hose

RV Tech Hero recommends Zero G Water Hose.

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Did you grow up with the heavy and difficult to maneuver thick green vinyl hose?

Zero-G Water Hose is for you!. The Zero-G Water Hose is lighter, easy to use, kink-free, crush-proof, and very high-flow rated.

  • 50% Lighter Weight than commercial vinyl hoses
  • High-Burst, High-Flow Rated
  • Commercial-Grade, Ergonomic, Crush-Proof, Aluminum Couplings
  • 100% Drinking Water Safe & Lead-Free

This time Name Brand Matters.

Don’t settle for the cheap substitutions at the big box stores. We have had serious issues with flexible hoses without the Zero-G name.

Our park in Colorado had extremely high pressure that kept puncturing tiny holes into the inner tube of the hose for those off-brand hoses.

Why should you listen to RV Tech Hero?

Brandon Pederson is RV Tech Hero LLC, a trained and Certified RV Technician from the National RV Training Academy. Brandon and his family began RV-ing in 2020 and made all the newbie mistakes. After gaining certification, he began diagnosing and repairing RVs on the road. He is now working full-time for a large, corporate dealership to gain experience.

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By Haley Reggio Pederson

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