RV Odd Couple Buying an RV Park!

RV Influencer RV Odd Couple buys RV Park

RV Odd Couple is buying an RV Park!

RV Influencer News

RV Odd Couple shocks the RVSphere by announcing that they are buying an RV Park.

I am super excited by this news!

RV YouTube Influencer Power ‘Odd Couple’ shocked the RVSphere this week by announcing that their offer had been accepted for an RV Park in Alabama. The Odd Couple says they are fed up with no vacancies, canceled reservations, and being kicked out of parks.

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John and Mercedes are seeking investors for this park, so watch the video for more information.

Check out this video by clicking above. Take a stroll around their website as well.

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Ped Trek wishes RV Odd Couple the best of luck during this process.

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