Texas Lakes Ranch RV Park Review

Texas Lakes Ranch RV Park & Storage

Texas Lakes Ranch RV Park Review

6774 Zachery Rd, Aubrey, TX 76227


Texas Lakes Ranch RV Park Review.

We keep going back to Texas Lakes Ranch. When we are in this area, we are visiting relatives and doing activities. We do not need amenities and do not want to pay for them. This park fits our needs perfectly. The entire park is gray rock with grass on the boundaries with great internet.

The Sites.

There are 54 sites, with 10 of those being covered spots. I have not seen an empty covered spot either time we have visited. All the sites have 50- and 30-Amp electric, water, and sewer hookups. 


There is a playground, bathhouse and laundry facility. They are all small but with a park of this size, appropriate. If you are there with your horses, they can accommodate. Dogs and cats too. A Texas-shaped pool is being built in front for humans.

Local Attractions.

The beauty of this park is it’s vicinity to Dallas, Ft. Worth, and all the attractions that live in the surrounding areas of this major metroplex. It is not easy to find a RV park near the area that is both available and affordable. We have enjoyed visiting the Ft. Worth Zoo, Be Legend Gaming, and Grandma Kathy. We look forward to visiting Water Works Park very near to this RV park.


The biggest draw of this park is the price! When you compare this park to the other options, it is an easy choice. My one caveat to that is that if you are going to spend more than one night, spend a week. Even with $50.00 per night, it is almost half of the prices for parks in-town.


This place has impressive wifi. We were able to stream video to multiple devices using only the park wifi. AT&T has decent data coverage while Verizon’s coverage is a bit lacking.



Would we book here again?

We will book here again. We recommend others book here as well.

Essential RV Gear Used at this Campground

MarCell Pro Pet Monitoring System

Texas summers get HOT. With this system we are notified when the power turns off AND if temperature and humidity climb out of range.

Reflective Window Insulation

You do not need to buy the name brand material to enjoy the benefits. This material reflects not only the light that will warm the inside of your camper but also reflects the heat itself.

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By Haley Reggio Pederson

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