Yolk Sac Tumor, Age 38, Female

Yolk Sac Tumor, Age 38, Female

That is the first thing most doctors say about me now when they begin a discussion, Yolk Sac Tumor, Age 38, Female, First recurrence, original diagnosis and treatment January 2019.

This was not the second post I imagined making, but since this subject is dominating my brain 🧠 I will write about it. And, maybe it will be cathartic.

At the beginning of 2019, I was diagnosed with and treated for a yolk sac tumor (germ cell tumor). It is a rare type of cancer with little to no chance of recurrence when treated with a specific plan.
Those who know me know that I fully embrace the Go Big Or Go Home 😎 mentality. When I throw a party, I go all out.  When I got cancer, I got a rare and aggressive type. And now, I have to be in the tiniest of percentages that have a recurrence.
My blood show’s tumor markers are slowly increasing, indicating that I have a tumor growing somewhere. The surgeon’s nurse suggested that I may have a full hysterectomy soon (when she scheduled my appointment 3-weeks in the future.) This procedure is a catch-all or stop-gap (apparently) because the CT Scan shows nothing.
Yolk Sac Tumor, Age 38, Female
Defines hysterectomy as “Scooping out the lady parts.”

Calm down. He means it in the most immature way.

IF my tumor markers continue to rise after they ‘scoop out the rest of [my] lady parts,’ then I must endure chemotherapy again. 🤬 I AM NOT COOL WITH THIS. I wouldn’t wish chemo on an ex-husband; I do not want to endure it again. Not all the other bulls#!t that goes with it.
😡 Hair Loss
😡 Nausea
😡 Tsunami-level Night Sweats
😡 9 Days of Constipation
😡 Total Body Swelling
😡 Feet and Ankle Swelling
😡 Insomnia
😡 Daily shots in the stomach for immune support
😡 Needing a nap after making the bed
I could go on more, but I tried really hard not to dwell on the negative 👎🏻 last go-around.

Haley, how can I help?

Prayers and Positive Vibes
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So, how am I handling it?
How would you?
The first time I was told I had cancer, I got very drunk. On chocolate wine. All things considered, I still feel that this was a perfectly reasonable response and the wine 🍷 was very good.
This time, I cried. 😭 I ignored the news completely (and very effectively) for about 2.5 weeks. Now, I’m angry 😡. There is a scene in Catching Fire with Johanna Mason (the forest chic that strips naked in the elevator) being interviewed by Cesar where she goes off. “I was told if I win The Hunger Games, I could live the rest of my life in peace. Now, you want to kill me again!” I FEEL that.
Yes, I have re-watched The Hunger Games series twice since recalling that scene. I am working quite a bit from my recliner at the moment.

Counting My Blessings

🦋 I’m praying. I’m leading my children in prayer. I’m asking for prayers and positive vibes.
🦋 I’m slowly telling family and friends.
🦋 I am taking daily naps again.
🦋 I am researching alternative medicines, just in case.
I am transferring the day-to-day work for the agency over to Terra Leigh but will still keep a managerial eye on things. The great news is that I can work from anywhere as long as I have a strong internet connection.
Many of you are sending prayers and positive vibes. Thank you so much, and please keep them coming.
Some are asking what you can do to help. You can use my link when you shop on Amazon. I earn a small commission, and you buy what you were going to buy anyways. I will continue to blog and share my stories from travel as well as my fight with cancer. Stuck in the middle of these stories will be my reviews, recommendations, and links to buy products.

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By Haley Reggio Pederson

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  • Very informative. It answered a lot of questions I had plus really explained about what you were going through. I am sure it answered questions for a lot of people. I hope putting it all out there it is really helping you deal with this a little better. I think about you daily. Not all bad thoughts. You have actually handled this amazingly. I have always been so proud how you have handled this whole situation. I definitely understand how you feel about going through chemo again. I swore if my cancer ever returned I would never go through chemo again. I pray for you daily and hope you know I am here for you no matter what you need. Try not to keep things bottled up inside. I have such good feelings about your new doctor. I believe GOD put you their for a reason Continue your journey on your journal so friends and family can keep up with you. Know that I am here for you no matter what you need. Love you so so much. Mom.

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