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RV Tech Hero highly recommends Impact Driver

RV Tech Hero Recommends Impact Driver

Finish your RV maintenance or repair jobs in a fraction of the time with this brushless motor driver. The cordless impact driver is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for hard to reach areas. It also has an LED light so you can see what you’re doing even better!

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Find out why RV Tech Hero recommends Lugnut Adapter for Impact Driver

RV Tech Hero Recommends Lugnut Adapter for Impact Driver

RV Tech Hero recommends Lugnut Adapter for Quickly transform your power drill with this 3-piece Lugnut socket adapter set so you can get the job done faster and easier. Each lugnut socket has been treated for a tough, high quality industrial use. Don’t waste time struggling with lugnuts any longer – these adapters are just what you need to make tightening them up quick, easy and painless!

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Andersen Blocks are recommended by RV Tech Hero

RV Tech Hero Recommends Andersen Blocks

RV Tech Hero recommends the Andersen Blocks Leveler Kit because is an innovative, on-the-fly leveling system. It gives you precision to level your camper or RV at any increment between 1/2″ and 4″, giving you a stable platform for all of your outdoor adventures!

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